Friday, June 22, 2012

HIV Criminalization: Researchers Need Your Feedback

The ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+), like most HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations, is deeply concerned about the growing number of HIV Criminalization laws that exist in the United States. While our mission has a laser-like focus on only issues relating directly to the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs), fighting back HIV Criminalization laws impacts EVERY facet of HIV/AIDS policy, as well as the behavior of people who are HIV-positive, and the attitudes toward people who are living with HIV infection. To that end, aaa+ wanted to share an important ongoing research study.

A survey (click here) of people with or affected by HIV concerning their attitudes about criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, potential exposure or transmission. It would be very helpful if as many people completed the survey, regardless of serostatus.

The principal investigator is Laurel Sprague, at Eastern Michigan University. Laurel is a woman living with HIV who is also the North American regional coordinator of the Global Network of People Living With HIV (GNP+). She's a great advocate and has extensive expertise in survey research. She's also been a consultant on the development and implementation of the GNP+ Stigma Index.

Hopes are for a large enough response to have statistically meaningful numbers of key populations including women, transpersons, people who use drugs, migrants, sex workers and those engaged in survival sex, as well as everyone else. The survey is open to people with HIV as well as those who are HIV negative or don't know their HIV status.

Preliminary results will hopefully be shared at the International AIDS Conference in DC next month. The results will be posted at

Once again, here's the link:

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